Episode 1!- “Sound”

A king who finds strength in silence and even more strength in whispering, a lady with screaming powers, a man with a musical face, and a trucker who’s fillings pick up CB radio signals!


Episode 2!- “Weapons”

Who says hitting, welding, and shooting can’t be superpowers, too?


Episode 3!- “Cosmic Brownies”

Is it possible to take the phrase, “out of this world” too literally?


Episode 4!- “Who Killed Monkey Joe?”

What happens when all you have to offer is various forms of water, squirrels, clocks, or a surplus of misplaced eyes?


Episode 5!- “Never Put a Hat on an Egg.”

“Which is more offensive: a heroine with lady-hormone-mentrual power, a gay stereotype who fights the “Hemo-Goblin”, an alcoholic Irishwoman, or a very racist egg?


Episode 6!- “Drugs are for Squares”

What do an angry drunk hero who can’t control her powers, a human bouncing ball who just wanted a soda, a half alien who’s father forced experimental drugs on him, and a literal coke fiend have in common?


Episode 7!- “Mashed Potato Flubber”

Acid sweat, mashed potato flubber, flesh-eating maggots, and acid vomit: is it what’s inside that counts?


Episode 8!- “Mrs. Doubtfire 2”

What do a man who cross-dresses as an octogenarian, a disgraced athlete, a vigilante apiarist, and an orphan raised by birds, have in common? Nothing(!),  in that they have no powers…or do they?! Well, no. They don’t.


Episode 9!- “Swiss Army Niiice”

Do the clothes make the man? Or whatever the female equivalent of a man is…lady man? We’ve got a whole circusy parade of characters for you, all of whom should have probably just gone naked instead.


Episode 10!- “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Kite Fight”

We’re still not sure if the clothes do make the man or lady. Does it help if the suit is made of kite? How about a vibranium suit of armor? What about a suit that can produce a literal crime ring? What if a person makes an outfit out of asbestos? Let’s find the answers to these burning questions in our suits sequel, Suits 2: Oots! or…Don’t Bring a Knife to a Kite Fight


Episode 11!- “Mongoose Blood”

Every superhero needs a good origin story. Only some of them actually have good ones. These goofballs get started in the unlikeliest (a.k.a. stupidest) ways. Stay tuned to learn the dramatic origin tales of Elongated Man, Armory, The Guardian, and The Whizzer!